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Daily unlock and lock up services

Bracknell Keyholders and Manned Guarding security company services include a reliable and efficient daily unlocking and locking up service for offices, factories, schools, business parks and car parks.

Our security lockup and unlock service takes away the stress and fear that staff may feel whilst unlocking or locking premises each day.

At start of the business day, SIA-licensed Bracknell Security Keyholder staff will attend the site unlock, turn off alarms and check the building prior to staff arriving.

Then, at close of business, as the last employee leaves we can check the building thoroughly, set the alarm and secure the premises. We can escort any lone workers to their vehicle.

Insurers like security companies offering this service as it limits the amount of people having keys and alarm codes. Employers like the service as it means that they are not reliant on staff who might call in sick or be stuck in traffic, whilst other colleagues are waiting at the gates.

Ideally this service should be combined with Bracknell Keyholders 24hr keyholding intruder and fire alarm response service for Bracknell, Ascot, Wokingham, Crowthorne, Sunningdale and Wentworth areas.

security unlocking and locking of commercial premises.
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